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Where in the World is MK?

A quick life update, where I've been, what I'm doing, and WHO I'm becoming. Hint: A whole lot!

An example of me making adjustments, a California girl in the snow! Image by Author

Hi friends, it’s been a while. I sat down to write this update and thought about how to humorously apologize for my absence. The more I thought about it, I realized that didn’t sit right, and that I’d be lying. I’m not sorry at all for being absent, my absence has been filled with growth, opportunities, and steps in a direction that I feel like I’ve been looking for in what felt like the wrong places, but ended up being instrumental parts of my life plan all along. Not to mention, #FlyWithMK is supposed to be limitless and malleable, so as I shift, so will my content.

Career-wise I made progress into the Communications/Public Relations industry with a new role as a Communications Specialist for a Marketing Project Management Firm. I’m quite literally in love with this change, as it’s finally a career where it calls on my creativity, allows me to wear many hats, but is structured enough where every day is a learning opportunity. What I’ve gathered so far, is that my role is in high demand, and the options are endless for future career moves.

Additionally, I’ve become enrolled in a multitude of projects with friends who are launching businesses or also making changes in their careers. It’s a new level of fulfillment being in a place where people seek advice/help from you, and you have the tools to impact and affectively assist in their growth directly.

For those wondering, I did not quit my job in aviation, but I am still actively on leave. Ironically, it’s all still aligned with the plan. If you didn’t catch my first post, read it HERE, for context on my current plan. Nothing looks like what I anticipated, but everything is going as it is supposed to. My best friend actually reminded me of that. She told me, “This is exactly what you’ve always wanted to do. You wanted to go into international communications and journalism and like… hey, here you are!”

And she’s absolutely right, I’m right there! The pandemic has been influential in my growth by forcing me to step out of routine, and demand that I re-think my path and reroute. It wasn’t easy. I went through some rough weeks of feeling useless and stagnant. I had faith that it was temporary, but I can’t lie, some days I got dangerously close to not believing. But, here I am, with a fresh boost of energy and ready to tackle adulting at mid-level.

Again, my step forward is a win for everyone around me. We accomplished this. I’m continuously thankful for the people who did not give up on me and pushed me when I was dragging my feet. I’ve always known that there was and still is no room for failure in my life plan, my parents never allowed it in their house, ( my dad literally used to tell me, “I can’t doesn’t live here.” Especially when it was time to do chores, LOL), and I don’t allow it mine now.

Lastly, I can’t stress how important taking care of yourself is. It is the epitome of reaching success. I wasn’t doing a great job, but with the encouragement of my little brother, I’m finally confident enough to say I’ve gotten back into a fitness routine. With that, has come diet changes and the whole nine yards of being a healthy, hydrated, and rested woman.

Those of you connected with me on Instagram, may or may not have noticed that I posted a February, “Wellness Challenge.” I encourage you to partake if you’ve been feeling uninspired, groggy, brain clouded, or just up for a challenge. The only requirements are committing to consistency within yourself, whatever that may look like. For me, I’m committing to only drinking water, (aside from my morning cup of coffee that must be consumed before 12pm), working out a minimum of five days a week, restarting my diet by taking out carbohydrates, sugar, and dairy, and sleeping on a schedule.

The impact has been immediate, and I’m feeling so much more energized and light. I offered (and still am,) to be an accountability partner, and am happy to bother you weekly to encourage your commitment to yourself. If you’d like to join, drop a comment below!

Anyways, I do plan on getting back into a routine of keeping #FlyWithMK updated. But for right now, I’m spreading my wings on a different path, and still figuring out how to incorporate everything into a system that works for me. Thanks for all the love, support, and well-wishes, I’m humbled and grateful.

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1 Comment

Feb 08, 2021

Congratulations and well done for making the strides, you deserve it. I wish you many more extraordinary achievements ahead. Take care of yourself xxx

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