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I’ve always been a storyteller, yet somehow I haven’t always told my tale, and word in the skies is I’ve got a good one! Please, allow me to reintroduce myself (if you didn’t read that in a HOV voice, we might not click, just saying), my name is Maaéah, Maaéah Kenyatta to be exact. If you don’t know me personally (yet), it’s pronounced like Maria without the “R.”  I was born in San Francisco, but the BAY and Germany (shout out Kassel, Hessen) raised me. My entire life I’ve been the definition of the, “other” box on an identity card. Was it ever a struggle? Hell yea! But, it has given me a special perspective and way of navigating life's course. 

I made my way from the West Coast, to the South and am now based out of the East Coast. I played DI basketball at a HBCU (#GramFam you know!), worked for the police department in dispatch, failed a polygraph with the FBI (lol I’m not a liar though, I promise) and eventually found my way to aviation. I've always had a passion for writing, I even have a journalism degree, so it feels only right to begin to illustrate words and get the story together. Since the pandemic, I've balanced my flying career, with a full-time role in marketing and project management, with a special emphasis on public relations. Yup, you can do it all if you choose to!

I want to share my global journey in hopes to inspire those who also had or frequently experience the mishaps and joys of, “life,” and use or would like to use travel as their outlet. If you are someone who is waiting for your chance or sign to go, “Go!” My goal is to encourage, motivate and inspire you to do it, by showing you that you can. Anything is possible and the world is waiting for you, let me be your tour guide. I vow to remain transparent, and include the moments that don't make it to Instagram. But please, don’t forget to remain seated with your seatbelt securely fastened until your aircraft has come to a complete stop… don’t be THAT person.

Enjoy, as you #FlyWithMK. 

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